Wie wir eine Stanzaufnahme mit carbonverstärktem Material erfolgreich gedruckt haben - Generapid3d

How we successfully printed a die-cut mount with carbon-reinforced material

At Generapid we are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our products. In this blog post, we would like to introduce you to our latest achievement: the punch holder, which we have successfully 3D printed with carbon-reinforced material.

CAD construction: The first step was to create an accurate CAD model. Our experienced CAD designers have worked closely with our engineers to create a detailed and true to scale design. This digital model was the basis for the 3D printing and allowed us to accurately reproduce every element of the punch mount.

Material selection: For this project we chose carbon reinforced material. The material has high strength and rigidity, making it perfect for applications that require heavy loading. It is also very light, which makes handling easier.

3D Printing: Once the CAD model was created and the material selected, we started the 3D printing process. We used our state-of-the-art 3D printer to build up the punch mount layer by layer. We have taken care to achieve the highest possible precision and attention to detail so that the finished model is as close as possible to the original.

Post-processing: After printing, we carefully post-processed the die-cut to ensure the best possible quality and appearance. We removed supports, sanded and polished surfaces to complete the final appearance.

Use of the punch holder: Our carbon-reinforced punch holder has proven to be extremely successful. It has a much higher resilience and rigidity compared to traditional materials, making it perfect for industrial use. Our customers are delighted with the quality and performance of the punch holder.

Conclusion: The production of our carbon-reinforced punch holder in 3D printing was an extremely successful and innovative method to improve our products. At Generapid we always strive to offer our customers the best possible quality and precision. If you are interested in an individual solution for your application, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to turning your vision into reality together with you.

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