Wie wir in nur einer Woche eine Gießform konstruierten und druckten - und unserem Kunden Zeit und Geld sparten - Generapid3d

How we designed and printed a mold in just one week - and saved our customer time and money

Casting molds are essential in industry, but making them can be expensive and time consuming. At Generapid, we specialize in providing quick and effective solutions to save our customers time and money. Recently, we were able to help a customer design and print a mold in a week, resulting in significant savings.

When our client came to us, he asked for our help in making a mold for a product he wanted to make. His previous attempts at making molds had resulted in long waits and high costs. We knew we could help.

Our experienced CAD designers began designing the mold immediately, using state-of-the-art software and their mold design expertise to create an accurate and durable model. It was particularly important to us to use extremely stable materials with carbon fiber reinforcement to ensure that the mold will hold up even after repeated use.

With the design complete, we went straight to 3D printing, using advanced 3D printers to quickly and accurately print the mold. By using carbon fiber reinforced material, we were able to ensure that the mold also met the high requirements of our customer.

The mold was ready within a week. Our customer was impressed by the quality and stability of the mold and the time and cost savings compared to conventional methods. We were proud to have helped him streamline his production processes and reach his goals faster and more efficiently.

At Generapid we focus on innovative and effective solutions to help our customers save time and money. If you are interested in optimizing your production processes, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to finding solutions together with you that will contribute to your success.

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